Friday, April 24, 2009

urban fun.

i'm a bit of a knob-aholic. seriously i am. old and new. anthropologie also has some of the best knobs to choose from. sometimes i'll buy an older piece and change out the hardware on the piece to something more unusual and it's an instant face lift. but what a fun way to tie back curtains? loving it.

asian poppy curtain. color punch any room with these pretty curtains from urban.

honeycomb storage bins. imagine stacking them as high or low as you want? would make for an unusual design, displaying anything and everything.

pyramids of egypt pillows.

round picnic medallion rug. pretty gold and black.

grecian vase decal...another fun wall treatment.

white light wall clock. simple.

light up marquee letters from urban. fun to spell out just one word on a wall.

how fun to place this wire bird cutout over a simple bare bulb. imagine placing a group together and forming a flock of birds!

every now and then urban outfitters grabs my attention. the store has that punky flare that grabs us and throws us back to the 80's! so of course we might want to sneak a piece or two from their eclectic collection into one or more rooms in our house. it's for me a little pizazz, a reminder to not be so serious and that every piece in your home doesn't have to be so "grown-up". enjoy this sunny friday if you are in my neck of the woods. if not hopefully you are in the warmer temps like us! yeah! happy weekend everyone :)

1 comment:

Callie Grayson said...

ooh, the asian poppy curtain is sweet the colours my fav. the rug is a must have in my new bedroom.

ps all worked out with the apartment, thanks for the kind words:)