Thursday, April 23, 2009

pretty patios.

if dining outside in the late afternoon or evening...set the mood. sprinkle twinkle lights everywhere, overhead, around, tabletop...anything goes with mood lighting. from martha stewart.

remember that there are so many pretty ways that don't take tons of time to display your outdoor goodies. mix your table up, serve your favorite edibles on anything from cake stands to china, to crystal. from martha stewart.

weighty earthy stonewear planters. sprinkle them around the patio in different sizes, different heights. fill them with bright flowers for patio punch. from at west end.

hang these everywhere! wonderfully natural rattan lanterns from at west end.

floor your guests with unusual outdoor lighting choices. from 0900 design.

these flexible vibrant lights can go from indoor to out. wrap them around a branch, spotlight your outdoor dining table, or your pool. from 0900 design.

make a stand...full of flowers that is. from wisteria.

go for different with a modern planter. how perfect would this match up with a gorgeous, tall topiary? from velocity.

remember that there are many versions of a lounge chair...how about this for your not-so-typical? from horchow.

another new take on the lounger, from umbra.

plunk in some color with this vibrant blue bench from horchow.

wonderfully soft tericloth slip covers for your lounge chairs. from west elm.

as we head into a warm front in new england we are all itchy to be outside, in any way shape or form. eating, sitting, drinking, playing you name it. i thought i'd find a few pretty patio ideas for when you are partaking of the fresh air and outdoor space around your home or yard.

if dining en plain air...remember the little touches, fresh flowers, display foods on cake stands or flowery platters, gobs of candlelight, party lights to add twinkle to your get together. so many easy touches can make it look as if you've spent hours preparing that space.

create a patio oasis, in whatever style or color palette suits your individual taste. do you like it bright? subdued? eclectic? make it your own. what fun ideas do you have for dressing up a patio space or for making a fun outdoor meal even more special? i'd love to hear. enjoy!


Georgia B. said...

love the velocity!!

oh, i forgot to tell you. i found the COOLEST sink on a blog that i could totally see you posting about! check it out here:

Jules said...

wonderful ideas and suggestions! my husband & i live in an apartment and have a small balcony that's just collecting dirt and isn't very desirable to sit out on...however, i've been itching to clean it up, get some cool wicker chairs and a rug...maybe even some twinkle lights...and make the most of what we have for the summer!

Callie Grayson said...

i am so excited to begin designing my back yard once I move in and your post is very inspirational!! I love fairy lights and lanterns, but I will need to get a tree or two planted. My back yard is a clean slate with just grass, which I am taking most of it out to make room for veggie & herb garden and flowers /plants that use less water.
I need to buy furniture.... for a fabulous patio area!
Thanks for the inspiration.