Monday, April 27, 2009


how pretty are these cork basins?

with everyone and everything going 'green' i thought i'd investigate some 'green' furniture made with sustainable or found or recycled materials. cork came to mind. i wondered if there was any functional and atheistically pleasing and intriguing furniture being made with cork? and there is.

mind you, i wouldn't want an entire house full of cork but adding an element of this wonderful 'green' material to a space is definitely interesting. cork adds a dimension of light-weight texture, pattern, color, and pleasing feel to any space. it's warm, it's earthy and can be made into modern, hip pieces as we can see. cork eye candy for this sunny monday morning. enjoy!


Chris said...

I'm really liking cork right now, too. I have some cork squares that I'm going to somehow artistically arrange into an inspiration board. I think it's a wonderful material and very handy. Great post!

Georgia B. said...

i'm always baffled by the things you find—in a good way.

these are incredible pieces. i have wanted a cork floor for a while.

i love the versatility of cork—and that it is eco-friendly.

Jules said...

you always find the coolest things to share! i'm loving cork right now too :) i actually saw a real live cork tree when visiting my friend in Santa Barbara - it's right out in front of her duplex and must be 100 years old - very cool!