Wednesday, April 15, 2009

spring and alkemie jewelry.

daily candy alerted me to the alkemie jewelry line and i'm so glad that they did. the alkemie line is the product of a husband and wife team, ashley lowengrub and dara gerson. the entire line is constructed from 100% reclaimed metals, pioneering one of the most environmental jewelry lines out there. their current "maiden voyage" line is the "inspired by organic themes and of the art nouveau movement and nature."

their pieces are chunky, weighty and yet evoke the lightness of spring and summer. a truly unique, individual and thoughtful jewelry line for this wednesday's deviation into the fashion world. jewelry design, like interior design has to be well thought out,instead of designing a space to dwell, jewelry designers must decide how does each piece sit on the human figure, how does it accent that person, does it fit their personality, do they feel comfortable wearing it? so many similarities to designing whether it be for us human beings to wear or for us to exist in. enjoy!


Chris said...

I'm rather fond of those bird necklaces myself. What a great collection!

Georgia B. said...

oh, wowza!

these are incredible pieces! i love the color of the metal!

Anonymous said...

Very cool--my fave I think is the octopus brooch. It would look smashing dressing up the collar of a basic blazer. what a neat find!

LipstickOne said...

your blog is so faublous!