Tuesday, April 14, 2009

i'll take the stairs.

half and half? what about it? would it bother you to have your stairs half one color and half another? would it make going up and down the stairs an uneasy feeling or is it fun? via

red hot to trot. these solid red stairs pop against the snow white wall. the white planters help to break up the solid space and offer a buffer of color, toning the red down (a bit). could you paint your stairs lipstick red? hmmm. via
so these are what got my blood going. wow for some reason i love these stairs! think of the vast palette of mirrored glass you could put on the faces of each step instead of the traditional glass. could you add gold, or red, or blue. see what i mean? via
one, two, three here we go. i think this numbered concept is fun. like if you left something on the stairs you'd remember which number maybe? :) via
up close and personal with this tonal wallpapered staircase. love.

how clever to paint every part of each step except for the original stained center. you have the best of both worlds, painted and natural. via
this soft and sensuously shaped staircase has a interior frame of mirror. imagine the light hitting this staircase on a beautiful day. via
ummmmm. ? hot or not? i'm strangely attracted. via

this bright wallpaper addition spices up the typical stained brown stairs. i also want that grey door. via

i love the softness of these otherwise bright colors. does that make sense? i love that they have not used the typical rainbow consecutive colors here but added brown to mix things up. it definitely tones down the bright. via

wallpaper them! imagine the patterns and color palettes you could add. via

i love these "floating" stairs. sided with glass...it would be like walking to and from the clouds. via

i love the daring and unusual architectural design of these stairs. but if you were sleepy, in the middle of the night, would you trip and fall screaming? :) via

i wasn't intending on doing a post about stairs until...i saw them. the mirrored stairs. and my head went spinning. i thought, well if someone can mirror their stairs what else can they do?

with that said, i am a bit partial to painted stairs although those mirrored stairs have me contemplating the possibilities i have to tell you. enjoy, let me know your favorites or the ones that would bother you in your own home.


please sir said...

Great stair examples - they are so unique!

Georgia B. said...

this is awesome!

i've never seen a post on stairs before. you have some really great examples here! i think we often forget how much we can do with such a functional part of our home—how creative we can get with it.

i love the numbered stairs. it made me immediately think of the Feist song.

fun, fun, fun!!!

TheDecoDetective said...

What a great collection! This post must have taken some work... I think the numbered one and the one that's white/natural are really neat in their simplicity - and the red retro flower wallpapered one is so cool! Not sure of the two last ones though... Looks like they might be a bit challenging?

gina said...

love the mirrored glass and the wallpaper. great post!