Thursday, April 16, 2009

beach it up dining.

coastal living has been giving me the fresh, outdoor-sy bug. they are featuring so many fabulous airy, beachy spaces, accessories, color palettes and intoxicating views of the outdoors. the warm outdoors that is. let me clarify since that's all i can think about at the moment. so grab a cup of coffee or tea, your favorite mag and settle into any one of these beachy dining nooks. my favorite out of these is photo number 1 where the chairs don't exactly match and i'm needing that oyster shell chandelier. where would you plunk down to enjoy your coffee? which of these spaces? enjoy!


Georgia B. said...

it's 1 or 3 for me! love the chairs in 3.

some day i'd love to live on or at least near the beach. beaches are one of my favorite places to be.

gina said...

3,4 & 5 I am there. great pictures.
ps. Thanks for posing my purpleicious I appreciate it.