Friday, April 17, 2009


one of my favorite bloggers jorjah-b tagged me with a question...if i could pick only one space that i could exist in, that inspires me, that evokes my style, my preferences and that i just plain love, what would it be. easier said than done...but oh so fun!

things i don't like in spaces. i don't like people who buy a house or build a house with a fireplace, and then don't use it. i would have to use it, just about every day. i don't like furniture that looks like you're not welcome. uptight and overstuffed. i don't like wall to wall carpet, i prefer natural wood with a rug here or there. the more bare the better. i don't like prints, i prefer hanging or displaying actual artwork or nothing at all. i don't like spaces where many things match. like lamps, dining chairs or even china in your cupboard. the more eclectic the better. i don't like everything in a home to be modern and new. it gives a sterile, cold environment. i prefer a mix of vintage and aged and gently worn mixed in with newer pieces. i prefer older homes over newer ones. i need splashes of color here and there but not overdone. i couldn't survive in spaces where everything was completely neutral. i don't like silk or imitation plants or flowers, they must be real or none at all. i don't like couches with no pillows, i have a pillow problem and need them around me :) besides all of that, i'm a happy camper!

there are so many great spaces and for so many moods and times of year, this is how i'm feeling at the moment anyway! i hope you enjoyed the space i selected and wonder if you would pick a similar space or something drastically different? hey, that's what makes this planet and the beautiful people in it so completely interesting and complex. i love that, and i love jorjah-b's blog. thanks to her for getting my creative juices flowing and always inspiring me. enjoy!


Georgia B. said...

i have to agree with just about everything in your list. this room (you pictured) is beautiful. and it very much looks like the design sense you have.

i'm sure you have the most beautiful home--if it is anything like your blog and your spirit.

thanks for playing! fun fun fun!

L'Atelier said...

what a great question

loved getting a wee bit of insight into your lifestyle
have a happy weekend