Wednesday, April 8, 2009

richard schultz. making the outdoors more beautiful.

"our company's rich history began with richard schultz's long involvement in modern furniture design, sculpture and art. all of our furniture relates to our deep interest in sculptural form and its relation to nature and man."

classic, contemporary, ahead of his time and yet timeless. richard schultz's designs withstand trends, styles and weather. no matter the occasion of lack of one, richard schultz's furniture will suit the space. i feel as if i'd want to have on a designer bathing suit, lay on designer towels and sip on designer drinks while perhaps enjoying a spa treatment of some kind. ok, back to reality. while not a gardener, schultz does cultivate the landscape with line, color, texture and shape, sharing the space and complimenting the space with his sculptural pieces of outdoor furniture.

ready to lounge? i am, after i pour that designer drink. what is the drink of choice these days? i think i'll stick to my red wine.:) enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Ooh! I love that lacey garden bench--one of the most unique pieces I've seen in a while. Great find!

Anonymous said...

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