Tuesday, April 7, 2009

outdoor theme.


i'm inspired by the month of april and the feel of spring in the air especially after a very long winter in my part of the world. everywhere i turn i'm witnessing fabulous outdoor furniture, outdoor settings and spaces, whether they be residential or commercial. all of this week i thought i'd focus on those pieces we choose to place in those spaces and on some outdoor places i know i'd like to spend some down time. this will be fun. today, outdoor residential spaces that stir me, that invite me, that call to me at this point in the year! let me know your thoughts as the week goes on about what furniture, accessories or spaces you would pick to land for a while. enjoy!


Tamstyles said...

you always have the best pictures...uhhhh I am a slacker!

Delikatissen said...

I'm having the same feeling. The air smells like summer already, at least here in the south of Spain. Great post Robin

avant garde said...

oh my gosh, the south of spain sounds like heaven right now! :)

Jules said...

ooh! i like #4 - i'd love to relax in that indoor / outdoor porch with a good book and a cold glass of iced tea! and #7 is great - love that vintage looking worn black furniture. now all i need is a yard and i'm set :)

Delikatissen said...

Thanks Robin!

Don't skip today's post "brisa de verano" = "summer breeze") you inspired me yesterday ;)

Happy Easter everyone!