Thursday, April 9, 2009

outdoor collections

more interesting and unique outdoor pieces for you to ogle this week while i'm on my get outdoors kick. i'm not usually a big fan or rattan pieces but i loved the simplicity and clean lines of these pieces from outdoor collections. they are not your average overstuffed bright colored wicker pieces that have turned me off in the past.

"the owners researched over the last 3 years for an outdoor rattan range with fibers and weaves to be the same high quality as their teak outdoor furniture. they wanted a new alternative in outdoor furniture that met their high standards and could also be easily integrated with the teak. this would give clients a choice of products for their outdoor rooms."

"today, there are many choices in outdoor rattan and like teak, many qualities, fibers, manufacturers, weavers and prices." based out of california outdoor collections is a must visit either in person or on line when considering rattan for your outdoor space. enjoy!

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Georgia B. said...

this is such a unique line—so my husband's and my style.

i love all the outdoor posts you've been giving us. it's getting me excited for spring and summer and spending time outside in the comfort of our own home.