Tuesday, March 21, 2017

the future perfect

where do i start? there is just SO much to love (and want!) from the future perfect...
founder david alhdadeff opened his original store in brooklyn in 2003. david's goal was to celebrate designers from "a burgeoning local design community." what began with modest intention emerged into a seriously beautiful platform to feature distinguished designers, both established and emerging, from all around the globe.

you can now enjoy the future perfect in new york, los angeles and san francisco...and of course on line. if i could have run through the future perfect's showroom and grabbed what i could in about 5 minutes, these are what would have been on my very quick list.

but there is SO much more to wish for and desire, here. and let's be clear, the future perfect offers wow pieces, at sometimes wow prices. but if you are in the market for exceptional, you are certainly in the right place. enjoy!

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