Friday, March 31, 2017

hello! & happy weekend!

hi friends, i've been missing for over a week due to a crazy busy work schedule. i hope that you have had a productive, positive week and are looking forward to the weekend as much as i am!
what are you up to this weekend, anything fun? i've had fun this past week trying to notice what everyone is reading these days while riding the train. of course this book is a current hot topic, but i also want to start this as well, i mean come on "unflinching intelligence and ingenious plotting?" i'm in.

in between that i'll be catching up on some of my favorite blogs, most likely with a glass of red wine in hand. i hope that your weekend is amazing! and it's friday, so some fun finds from around the world wide web:

as all of my socks are piled up in one big ball, i wish for this closet.

etsy love with these super fun cactus pillows.

gorgeous spaces.

cool pendant lights.

the marfa shower curtain, yes please.

how fun is this?

this mini ring bracelet is perfection.

a very cool cuff.

and speaking of hands...

wow to all of the subtle and not so subtle color in this venice apartment. (nevermind the furniture and everything else!)

minimalistic hair accessories to love.

i'm an east coaster, so these are fun.

emotional baggage.

love, love, love this avocado planter!

who doesn't need lightning bolt boots?

want a whole bunch of these knot pillows.

to go with these.

i like these too...

these fig & strawberry thumbprint cookies are gorgeous!

bossy podcast recommendations.

these mules, in pink, are to. die. for.

love ya, mean it!

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