Wednesday, August 31, 2016

serious statement pieces

i'm repeating myself (again) but i feel strongly about the fact that places and spaces require at least one "wow" piece. something that throws the space, and those viewing it, off...just a little. keeping people guessing, keeping spaces interesting and unexpected in ways that are fun, is good design...
dimore gallery is offering up nothing but serious statement pieces. i've featured a variety of seating options that i was drawn to today, but don't get me started about their lighting options either!

dimore gallery describes the wow factor sensation even better than i as this: "each room unveils a different emotion (joy, surprise, nostalgia) leading the visitor towards the discovery of elusive colors and precious materials, where the quest for form reveals the presence of objects and makes this journey unique and emotive." WOW. now that's what i am talking about friends. enjoy!

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