Thursday, July 21, 2016

let's talk tampons. no, really.

when molly hayward approached me about cora,her product, (and yes they are indeed tampons), i thought...hmmm, seems strange right? why on earth would i feature tampons on a design blog? but there's (obviously) more to the story, (though tampons ARE a definite design in a sense). so yes, molly's product line, cora, is about tampons, but it's also about helping to bring about "a better future for all women in every part of the world." but i'm getting to that, the AMAZING cause behind cora soon...
cora tampons are 100% certified organic (read more about why that is SO important here). women purchase and use over 10,000 tampons in their lifetime. wow. so there's that. and because of that giant number we should want the best for our bodies right? and yes, as you can see from the images above, cora's branding is fabulous, they come to your door looking like this, beautifully packaged in clean, modern ways to carry (aka, very creatively hide) and use your tampons. so that's pretty cool.

BUT, why i took on this post is because of THE CAUSE. molly has traveled extensively, and through her research concludes that approximately 100 million girls/women lack access to adequate menstrual products around the globe. um, 100 million woman. wow. products that you and i reach for in a split second, without thought. we can do better than that right? well molly is.

read more about molly's cause, through her cora product line here, it's about the every day struggle of women from different cultures, religions & countries and about why this is so important. for every month's supply of cora tampons that you purchase, AND LISTEN UP, this is the amazing part, cora donates one month's supply to women in need. women in countries where just talking about a period is embarrassing or unheard of. so they don't. and then in turn, they are not taking care of themselves. so tell your friends, your co-workers, your family! guys, tell your wives, your sisters, your mothers! women and men reading this blog, help cora support all the women they can.

BONUS!: for the next 30 days, cora is offering avant garde design readers $5.00 of your first purchase. simply enter the code CORA5ROBIN at checkout!

in full disclosure, i received product for this post but all opinions are my own.

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