Friday, July 22, 2016

have a sweet weekend!

yeah for the weekend! do you have fun plans?
i've been slowing it down this week, reading, sewing, getting outside, ALOT. trying to suck up these summer days/moments in every way imaginable. sometimes you have to force yourself to live slowly, to look around you, to smell the outdoors, to feel things that you sometimes take for granted. that's been my goal this week. yeah!

i'm almost finished with this book, so good! this intrigues me too and might be my next summer read. what are you reading these days? i'd love to hear! in between sipping rosé wine this weekend, i might check out some of these podcasts. have you become a podcast junkie? i bet it's easy to once you find some gems?

and it's friday! hooray! so some fun finds from around the world wide web?

did you see my post on this cause
? for 30 days there is a discount!

this shark phone case is a riot.

a cheeky shirt.

etsy loving this ring!

would totally wear it with this navy summer jumper!

loving the simplicity of this bracelet.

you can make your own clouds?

man, this commercial space got down right creative with their wall treatments. love this!

a cute gif.

vintage indian headdress bookends. i seriously need these.

sensational "sensible" heels. (especially loving this one!)

"it's beautiful here" coat rack (see it displayed here too).

creative spaces

these gold shoes are on sale. my finger is on the purchase button.

a fun bookmark.

pretty embroidery patterns

loving the way he shapes color with glass.

on the topic of aging and how beauty can be fleeting, i thought that this was kind of beautiful, in many ways.

this madrid bakery ceiling treatment
is so simple and yet so amazing. look at how the lighting is incorporated flawlessly too!

this "bubble queen ring", be still my heart.

liking this long leather plant hanger.

michelle obama does carpool karaoke...yeah!

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