Friday, May 6, 2016

have a happy weekend!

it's friday, it's mother's day weekend, it's spring, so have a happy weekend friends!
how are you celebrating this weekend? any fun plans? i'd love to hear. i'm so proud to be the mom of this guy! here's to hoping that you are treated sweetly this weekend!! & whether you are a mom or not... ;)

some fun friday finds from around the world wide web coming at ya:

another pretty one piece bathing suit.

seriously loving this floral butterfly print dress for summer (and only $24.00?!).

these circular framed planters are kind of cool.

pretty wild seeing what passengers on the titanic ate. (via)

if they recreated the titanic, would you sail on it?

one of these vintage school charts/maps would look cool on a wall in the right place.

for spring/summer, loving these loafers in stone.

an unusual side table.

a really pretty sconce light.

imagine dining in france outdoors, with this view?

the sweetest denim shirt.

i want to put this away for next fall.

speaking of next fall, his line is full of metallic purses, lots of dramatic line and those coats!

these blueberry "cruffins" look delish.

balloon ceiling lamps, how fun!


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