Sunday, May 8, 2016

happy mother's day

when i thought about what i wanted to place as far as a video or music that reminds me of my own mother it didn't take me too long. my mother and father each played acoustic guitar the entire time i grew up. there was always wafting sounds of either their own guitar music flowing through the house, or all of their friends houses which we visited often (they all played guitar), it was a sensation that was always both comforting to me and lovely.

my mother passed away a few years ago now and my father the year after. and every now and then there are sounds i hear, or particular songs that bring me back, to smoke filled living rooms, long batik dyed dresses, rocking chairs, braided rugs, candles, & blush pink wine in clear dimpled glasses...and those sounds. if i had to describe my mother in one single sound, i suppose it would be the sound of a single acoustic guitar strum.

i could have picked from a variety of music that was played by my mother, all folk primarily. but for some reason this song by simon & garfunkel stopped me today. i know every word. i adore the way that first aid kit sings it in front of paul simon himself, who is clearly moved by them. i am moved today too. these sounds will be wafting through my mind today, not in a sad way but in a comforting way.

i hope that you are enjoying your mother's day with your mother near by. and if not, think back yourself to the lovely sensations that you too have about her. enjoy!

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