Tuesday, February 16, 2016

jill malek

the white wall loving me is being pulled toward this amazing line of handscreened wallpapers by new york based designer jill malek today...
in 2008, "after art directing for starwood hotels and resorts she expanded her love of printed matter to the design of handscreened wallpapers, seeking to bridge the worlds of interior and graphic design."

jill's wallpaper line is exceptional, full of line, playful patterns and sexy style. there are many wallpapers that seek to steel the show, they almost take away (in my opinion) from a well designed space. they are either over the top, or not enough. jill's line does what she describes & intends on her site, it bridges interiors, complimenting them, forcing your eye to look everywhere and to not just zoom in on the wallpaper (though her line is certainly stunning) and stop there. that's good design. enjoy!

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