Monday, February 15, 2016

artist feature: jane denton.

new zealand-based artist jane denton's work has captured my attention today. jane's work (to me) is happy, textural, vibrant and just really cool...
she stiches canvases, using wool or cotton and creates patterns and shapes that are so pleasing to the eye. against white backdrops, the threads are highlighted, they steal the show. jane's work reminds me of a project i was asked to work on in one of my first years as an fine arts major (we are going way back now) where the professor asked us to draw 100 circles (about 1 inch around) on paper and fill each one in completely differently than any of the others, to design the circles. at first i thought, "how easy is this?!" but as you attempt it, it's not as easy as it sounds. i found the project interesting and challenging. i still remember it to this day!

also interesting, jane writes on her site about accomplishing that perfect piece, and by that i mean, deciding when it is done. when you are an artist, whatever your medium is, there comes a point when you have to walk away. you have to stop. it's done. jane describes this process like this: "when a piece is right, it sings."

well, you can't actually hear it sing. or can you? i think that you kind of can as the artist. there is a message that is put out by each piece saying, stop, you've done it, it's right. that's the singing part. enjoy!

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