Wednesday, December 23, 2015

sending you holiday cheer!

happy holidays friends! & (if you celebrate it) i hope that you have the most amazing christmas ever...
does this time of year push you to be reflective at all? to consider all of the good that has occurred over the past year? (or stuff you'd rather forget?!) i go in and out of noting that the year is indeed winding down and that alot has been accomplished. yet, there is alot still on my wish list.

i am proud of this past year. i accomplished fulfilling my graduate degree at harvard (while working full-time!). so there's that. i have opened up my professional life and creative mind to amazing possibilities, even if they scare me a little. but at the same time, i will attempt to be less of a "goal digger" and separate what is truly working, and what i want to work on, on a new level. i want to embrace more current & local events and people that i care about, and environments that i absolutely love, more than i have been. back to goal digging again huh?

so that's my short reflection of 2015. it's almost in the rear view mirror. but what is exciting, is perhaps the best is yet to come. have a merry christmas and happy holidays