Friday, October 2, 2015

hello friday!

happy friday friends! did it seem like a long week to you too?
it couldn't be helped here. the weather has been tropical, stormy, grey and windy. kind of cool but day after day of it makes for a long week in the end. i am getting excited about a car. i have narrowed my first choice down to one i'm seriously looking at on sunday. seriously as in i might be driving it home. ah, yeah, CAN'T WAIT! if i do, be checking my instagram for a photo or two. until then, thought i'd share a few fun finds from around the world wide web...

who knew you could do so many things with felt?

fun yes & no.

porcelain bling rings.

so many cool rugs.

this jersey comforter looks so snuggly for fall/winter.

really like this poncho sweatshirt for fall days.

maybe with these twisted flare jeans?

and this gauzy top?

already missing summer? go here.

can't get going this friday? shut up and dance with me will help.


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