Wednesday, September 30, 2015

woven angled seating.

if you are pressed for space (or even if you're not!) this woven angled seating arrangement is so curiously brilliant...
take handwoven walnut seating, pair it with a substantial marble and timber dining table, accent it all with clean graphic forms and glossy brass and you have, well, this. the UK company efasma is selling this particular piece(s) designed by bureau de change, a "collection of tables and chairs designed with notches in them", as described on the contemporist.

the design firm bureau de change approached this piece as they would their architectural commissions. there is alot of depth, richness, and interest going on here. the line in the design keeps your eye moving, all around, from this angle to that. to lines of fabric to crisp creases of brass. it's just all so great. enjoy!

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