Friday, September 25, 2015

have a fun weekend!

i'm head over heals cause i'm looking at a vintage car this weekend, to buy...
i don't want to jinx it by talking about it too much. if i make the deal, i'll be posting about it you can be sure! i've been without a car now for about one month (remember this?), or a little more. i've relied on a rental while making my decision about what to do next and as i've said, once i make my mind up on something it's hard to change it.

buying an older car is stuck in my creative, flair loving head right now. i need/want/must have something with a little style and character. so i'm looking at one (it's a start) this weekend. wish me luck!

besides that, the weather has turned to the perfect running weather for me. but at the same time it's becoming the best stay in bed weather. hence the dilemma right? so i'll be working on getting back into a real routine. once i do, i'm committed. it's just the getting there part. whatever you do, wherever you go, have a fun weekend friends! enjoy...

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