Wednesday, August 12, 2015

random wednesday stuff.

so i've had a jumbled start to the week, car accident on monday (i'm ok, but my car is not after older woman decided to just turn, into me, so yeah), sleeping crazy, hard then light, then drooling hard, then awake, then...so that's how it has started out.

so because i need to free my body, & mind, i've been bopping around on line. here are some favorite finds along the way:

would you plug in your coffee table.

ok, so now i'm following this rabbit on instagram.

a stunning space.

this one too.

another super cool floating hotel.

every kind/style of concrete lighting imaginable.


currently reading this...slowly. but enjoying it to the max.

i'm not much into prints, but want this one.

i could literally live in this outfit. like, literally. & looks SO good on her.

do you like jon stewart? if so, this is good.

all kindergarten classes should be like this.

a big head in new york.

another curious video from the bitter southerner. moped diaries.

a "seasonal drink with a hint of the garden and the power to send you down the yellow brick road."

how is your week going? spazzy like mine, or free flowing and perfectly smooth? i'd love to hear. enjoy!