Friday, August 21, 2015

have a fun weekend!

happy friday and here's to a fun (almost end of summer) weekend!
what are you up to? anything fun? i am currently trying to come down off of the news that my car is actually totaled from the accident. after hearing the news (and i had just finished paying my car off, ah yeah.), i first became pretty mad, then sort of blah, now i'm getting excited (what else can i do?) about what i drive next.

i still don't like the idea of a car payment right now. so while in transition, between actually wanting to undertake the task of new car shopping (i'd rather go through the entirety of child birth again. no seriously. than new car shop), i'm thinking of going vintage. something with flair. i feel like i need a little flair in my life and this might be the perfect timing to invite some in. i'll let you know what i end up with!

besides dreaming of affordable classic cars, i'm going to be taking in the warm days of august, getting in more swims at my favorite beach and reading my book on the couch in the sun. i hope that you have a seriously fun weekend too! enjoy...

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