Tuesday, June 23, 2015

out with the whales.

i seem to be posting less about design this week and more about summer. if you'll indulge me, here are a few (and, ahem, i took a alot a ton more than this!) images of my day with the whales yesterday...
it was seriously one of those picture perfect days for boating, and whale watching. clear, calm, clear...so the whales were very easy to spot and to really see detail. they were known in the area to the boat's captain, he knew their names. some had calves, some were resting, some were playful. it was a perfect day on the water.

and i have to say, being out there, as cliche as it seems, with no cell phone, no computer to check, nothing but watching, listening, breathing, well man oh man it did me wonders. it was actually quite theraputic. maybe i'm in the wrong profession i thought at times, (half jokingly, half not). maybe out on the water is where it's at? well it was for me, if only for one day. enjoy!

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