Monday, June 22, 2015

have a great monday!

i'm off today, and so is my son. so...we are headed out on a whale watch cruise to see what we can see...
my camera battery is charging and if we (cross our fingers!) see beaucoup amounts of whales and who knows what else, i'll be sharing for sure.

to start your week, here are a few fun things from around the web i spotted over the weekend.

imagine if your hotel balcony looked like this?

i think these are pretty enough to leave on all summer.

these would make interesting coffee tables.

a cool paris apartment.

loving these high tops.

a clever storage rack.

um, now that's a skylight.

33 incredible hammocks (loving #6, and #9).

going old fashioned on bathing suit style.

a perfect summer couch.

these (at least to me!) look delish!

today life feels pretty fantastic. have a great start to your week everyone! enjoy...

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