Thursday, April 2, 2015

tall, flared, cone metallic.

i'm in the market for new planters. they are like pillows to me, i trade them out often for new ones...
like pillows can offer your couches and chairs an instant facelift, a seasonal fresh-up, planters can do the same thing for your doorway, patio areas or deck space. a few years ago i might have been seriously drawn to these, these tall, flared, cone metallic gold pots (featured here, offered here), but lately i'm drawn to lighter color palettes and unusual material combinations.

i have my eyes on a few and once i settle i'll share them with you, and what i choose for them. the last 2 years i've had large clusters of beach grass. simple. quiet. lovely. even though the planter may change out, the beach grass might have to stay. how do you usually "dress" your doorways or patios? what do you plant? i'd love to hear! enjoy!

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