Friday, April 3, 2015

have a fun friday!

is there something in the air or have you had craaaaaaazy busy weeks lately too? is it spring?
i'm looking forward to lounging around, breathing (not sure if i've done that this week!), reading the end of my book (i've literally been putting it off because i don't want it to end, do you ever do that!?), and hey, maybe stepping out & going on a short road trip. why not? to me, driving can be super relaxing sometimes too.

i have my eyes on this guy for my next concert buy. this is the boston globe's assessment of him: “The pluck-pluck rhythms, woozy cornet blasts, and LaFarge’s Midwestern croon are evocative of a trip down the Mississippi… Jazz, blues, and country collide in LaFarge’s music. He trades purity for alchemy and ends up with something that is ultimately contemporary.”- Boston Globe, check out one of his latest songs/videos, here.

my local radio station, based on martha's vineyard, wmvy, describes him as almost being from a different time, in how he appears, in how he sings and performs, and in his overall style. i love that! enjoy your weekend friends, do something fun!

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