Monday, March 9, 2015

frank stella & line.

he's not young, frank stella, but his artwork is fresh & completely timeless...
frank was born in my home state of massachusetts and later made his home and still lives, in new york. the MoMA describes frank as not only a painter and printmaker, which he was, (a sculptor too) but also as an innovator and "often confounding his peers."

frank had "no interest in representational painting." according to MoMA, frank "insisted on the development of an overall surface through negating any illusionism that visible brushstrokes or advancing and receding colors might imply."

the interlocking geometric shapes, bordered and bound by recognizable bands are mesmerizing. the relationships which frank builds between pattern, color, and form are perfection. though his works seem simple, there is much to notice and talk about, in length actually. if you'd like to read more of MoMA's history about frank stella, head here. and a great new york times article about frank's black paintings here. and how frank stella "continues to provoke," here. enjoy!

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