Tuesday, March 10, 2015

38 & bocci.

38 is this amazing sprawling chandelier. bocci is the company who offers it. stunning is what they are combined...
bocci is based out of vancouver canada with a satellite space in berlin germany. bocci is about glass blowing, glass casting, ceramics & metal sand casting and creating original and provocative design in a cooperative community of designers.

bocci states that "even though our pieces focus on the more emotional, irrational and romantic shades of the contemporary design spectrum, we are deeply committed to rigorous and intelligent execution." this particular line which bocci titles "38" is one of my favorites. each sphere is hand-blow but during the process leaves many white cavities haphazardly throughout the glass, some deep enough to house the lighting component, some deep enough to house earth and plants. so fun!

my mind went nuts while viewing these. it went from indoor to outdoor installations. i see them in both residential and commercial spaces. they are dreamy, romantic, special and unique. they certainly set or evoke a particular mood or stance. enjoy!

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