Thursday, March 19, 2015


this is a very cool modular furniture designed line offered up by cubit, with it's clean aesthetics, it depends entirely on your determined arrangement. like i said, very cool...
besides a no tools necessary system, cubit promotes first a vision, next, implementation, and finally comfort. cubit also is proud of the fact that you can virtually design the size, combination, color palette selection (you name it), all of it is up to you, and as a comfort of the digital age, thank you very much. and because they sell strictly on line, with you designing your own individual piece, or pieces, it keeps the prices fair. well that's fair.

you see it right? that these can be installed really anywhere. think of a community library, a children's school room even. how about a hip coffee shop? now we're designing virtually. enjoy!


The Office Stylist said...

I totally agree with you! It looks so modern and chic. Very cool for sure. P.S. I love how colorful they are.

Jordan said...

I love this! It seems like such an innovative way to change around furniture in a room without so much hassle. It'd be perfect for parties, where we could switch from a few seats to a big couch depending on what's happening.