Friday, February 27, 2015

the weekend is here!

i'm sure it's the winter days we are having but the weeks seem long these days...
but this image warmed me up...the fur cover-up and that bold metal necklace/collar (find it here), all of the mixed metals and gems make for a necklace that would look even better with a tan. thinking summer, can you tell?!

what are you up to this winter weekend? anything fun? it never fails for me, i'm late. before the oscars i manage to get out and see one of the nominated films. and i did, american sniper. and i loved it. (bring your tissues). and then during the oscars, i think, "wow, how did i miss seeing that one, or that one?" so now that it's after the oscars, i might be scouring on demand or actual cinemas for a few that i want to see. what was your favorite one?

in between movie watching i hope to get out for another run. i might stop in at a new salon that opened up and get some hair cut opinions (ready for a change! maybe this cut?) and relish in the thought that i don't have graduate work anymore. unless (down the road a bit) i pursue a doctorate. wait, what!? enjoy...

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