Thursday, February 26, 2015

making a cool office.

i've talked about this on the blog before, about mixing up your office or commercial space with some funky (or at the very least, non-traditional) seating. because hey, much to our dismay, we can spend alot of time sitting at work. so why not sit stylishly...?
here are a few new cool office chairs (and for some reason today i was drawn to the red ones!) offered up by scab design. when i think about what companies like designlovefest are doing with events such as her blogshops and seminars and the venue she provides, my eyes quite often go to her chairs and the arrangement of them. it's a way to begin. meetings, gatherings, celebrations, deals, you name it.

if initially you can start something, if you can convey that something great is going to happen here, in these chairs, then you should do that. right? enjoy!

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