Monday, February 16, 2015

monday & sixinch.

the belgian design company sixinch is fun, featuring abstract shaped seating all while using a heck of alot of foam...
first of all...sixinch, the cool name comes from this: "the place where creativity lies inside all of us is the space between our ears-a mere 150 mm wide-or six inches." don't you love that concept behind the name? me too.

and yes, they utilize the medium of "high concept foam coated furniture" in imaginative ways. don't you think? me too. sixinch, the designers, (you can see them all here) state that they have developed a "brand that allows you to tap into your dreams, your vision, your ideas-your six inches."

and again, when i feature product such as this line from sixinch, it's perhaps not a line that you would necessarily want to fill your residential or commercial space with (though admittedly, that would be fun to see!), but one unusual, unexpected piece, placed in the perfect space or place? now you're on to something...enjoy!

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