Tuesday, February 17, 2015

from tropical surroundings.

today i'm imagining myself taking a long walk, on the beaches of puerto rico, where this kei jewelry line is made...
i spotted one of owner keyla torres' kei jewelry pieces on pinterest and i was immediately hooked, heading straight the site to vicariously soak up the puerto rican sun and warmth (or at least in my surrounded by snow imagination) and set aside a few pieces i'd like to add to my summer jewelry line.

kei's jewelry line is a mixture of chunky agate stones and golden arrowheads, to delicate cascading gold bars. even better, layer them, (see here), mix them together, the chunky and the delicate for a super sexy summer look. just saying...enjoy!

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The Office Stylist said...

These are so beautiful! Love them!!

The Office Stylist