Monday, February 2, 2015

monday & mariner lights.

i've posted about the company studio beam in the past. but these new "mariner" cage lights have pulled at my light-loving heart strings today...
maybe it's because of where i live, where i grew up, on the coast, surrounded by rusty deep fishing cages, commercial fishing boats, and of course ports and boat landings, but these mariner lights convey all of that...they embrace the rustic, nostalgic hard working environment and trade of fishing. and they're made of iron, much like those who work in the trade.

i love these for commercial settings but really, in residential settings, in the right place, the right space, these work as well. they are the sort of piece that bring texture, and a certain industrial "feel" to a space. studio beam offers the mariner light in a variety of colors/finishes, but the "marine rusty"? my favorite. enjoy!

p.s.: if you like these, then you'll really like these "gem lights" too.

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