Friday, January 30, 2015

fun friday stuff.

hi! happy friday! what are you up to this coming (wintry) weekend? it's my son's birthday so we are making plans for a great night. plus i have something planned for him a few weeks for now. shhhh, it's a secret...
(via: plus she has great hair tutorials!)

so it's a birthday weekend, amongst the piles MOUNTAINS of snow in my part of the world. i bought my son this inflatable crown for christmas, i might just make him wear it to dinner. funny thing is...he would. wherever you go, whatever you do enjoy the heck out of yourself! oh...and just for a fun friday, some interesting things from around the web...enjoy!

how fun is this fingers crossed pin?

so sweet for spring...these "birdy glass tumblrs."

i'm going to one more year with long hair, (not sure if i'm a short hair person?!) but then...i might cut it like this.

valentine's day is coming, this sure is pretty cocktail.

speaking of valentine's day, this is a cute clutch to head out on a date in.

it's not pink or red, but for a valentine's date, this dress that cup of jo featured is stunning.

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