Tuesday, January 6, 2015


this seating, in these soft shapes and draped nubuck leather are intoxicating today...
so my mind goes crazy with these. they are a line of seating offered up by bartoli design for laurameroni. there is something so sumptuous and warm and rich about not only the design, but by the materials used and the way they are all draped and folded and how they "say" come, sit and stay a while. and yes, furniture can "say" things like that.

my mind is spinning with ideas. i see these "drape" seats sprinkled generously in a swanky lounge/hotel lobby/bar setting as they are sexy and provocative. but i also see them stately, placed singularly in a bedroom or library, adding even more richness and quiet than is there already. that's the sign of great design, versatility, fun, the fact that you probably could do just about a million things with one piece. i love that! enjoy...

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