Monday, January 5, 2015

artist spotlight, lie dirkx.

loving today the whimsical artwork created by lie dirkx...
lie is a freelance artist and illustrator from belgium now living and working in england. her site explains that she "does things with paper and textiles." love that description. to the point!

seriously though, and though lie's artwork appears simple or easy to conduct or enjoy, there is real talent here. one of my favorite aspects of lie's work is her almost crayon-esque line drawings of nudes. i began college as a fine art student years ago now. and one of the most difficult courses i took was life drawing. i eventually grew to do quite well in the medium (my entire portfolio was stolen by someone!) but one of the things that i found most difficult was just trying to get line down on the page or the canvas. sometimes just that can be intimidating.

what i LOVE about lie's nudes is her ease of line. sometimes you just need something as basic as a crayon and you just need to relax and just let it flow, simply, like lie does. enjoy!

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