Thursday, November 13, 2014

jokjor champ stools/tables.

these are just pretty awesome. they are indoor/outdoor stools, slash tables, slash containers, slash holders of your favorite cocktails...
jokjor developed as friends olav van lede boudewijn roest, one working originally in architecture, design publishing and interior design and the other in design and art direction merged talents to "create a company focused on practical and well-thought aesthetic design." i love the term well-thought!

for outdoor use, if it rains, the container can release any water accumulated by pulling a plug on the bottom section. so they are perfect for patios and poolsides. the wooden tops are solid oak or walnut and the cushions come in a ton of colors. these are amazing for both residential and commercial spaces. they are unexpected and just super fun in design. at least i think so. enjoy!

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