Wednesday, November 19, 2014

2 seats, 3 views.

these 2 seating styles already have me wishing for summer to hurry up and get back here...
full of ratan and wickerwork, full of fantastic design and offered up by the spanish company expormim. the top seat is from expormim's "nautica" collection. the company states that what they've attempted to do here is "recover and rethink ratan use." love it!

the second seat is from expormim's "tina" line. expormim equates wickerwork to "language of hands," that it's a universal technique in a sense and thus spoken worldwide. expormim takes wicker and adapts it to this very organic shape, like a wave, like the wind...ok am i getting too deep and introspective about seating? maybe. but you have to admit, they're pretty darn cool. enjoy!

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