Monday, June 2, 2014

diamantini & domeniconi.

happy monday friends! there are so many flowers, flowering branches & beautiful greens popping out everywhere around me these days. i'd love to pick one single one or a small bunch and place them in these "hidria" vases offered up by diamantini & domeniconi...
they are modeled after greek water vessels, shaped to allow the clay and dirt to settle to the bottom and leave the more purified water nearer to the top. according to diamantini & domeniconi's site, in sicily too these "hidria" shaped vases are also a musical instrument "used to create sweet sounds as thanks to the gift of water."

the shape is organic, they are folk pitchers in their form. they appear indestructible yet fragile all at the same time. i'm thinking wild flowers, nothing fancy in these. just anything wild and free...enjoy!

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