Friday, May 30, 2014

hello friday!

have a super fun weekend friends!

are you up to anything fabulous? i'd love to hear! sunday is supposed to be super sunny in my part of the world and i plan on soaking up some rays! there is something to be said for having a little summer glow on. everyone looks just a little bit healthier with some sun on their face, at least i think so.

i've saved some favorites things/sites/images/ideas of mine this week to share with ya, for fun!...

i just ordered this book (because no, i have not read it yet!) and it was because of this quote.

cannot get enough of these wet dog faces.

i want some of these as planters.

i don't usually wear one piece bathing suits, but i like this one.

a very handsome (and young) harrison ford.

my next vacation destination.

whatever you do this weekend, wherever you go, enjoy!

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