Friday, April 11, 2014

yeah for fridays!

was this a long week? well if it was for you too...the weekend is here!
and...if i could do hand-stands on a beautiful beach right about now i would. are you up to anything fun this weekend? i'd love to hear! as for me? i really want to see this movie before it leaves the theaters (though i almost NEVER seem to make time to go to a movie). the humor looks right up my alley...have you seen it?

it's also finally becoming some semblance of spring in my part of the world. i have a tiny deck space that i'm really hoping i can utilize this spring, to sit and read, to breathe on....but the trick is i need chairs that will fit, so i'll be on the hunt for outdoor seating. i'll let you know what i find.

on top of all that...drinking a little red wine, heading out for a run (where i keep passing the same couple of rabbits and one fox who are strangely interested in me and watch me go on by). i hope that you have an amazing weekend, and that's it's everything you want it to be. enjoy!!

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