Friday, April 25, 2014

hello friday...

and happy to see you!
sheeeeesh, this has been some week. it was busy, and now.....it's over! or at least almost ;)

are you up to anything fun this spring weekend? i have a bit of graduate work to get going on, but sunday i'm taking for myself. i'm heading to boston, going to poke around in a few of my favorite second hand stores and get a cup of my favorite hand-made coffee, here. (if you are in boston, you must try their "hand-poured", it's like a science experiment with beakers and everything, but oh. so. delish.) i'm hoping it's sunny out, that would be bonus!

wherever you go, whatever you do, i hope that your view is beautiful and that you are feeling gooooooooooooood! enjoy...

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amber said...

Hi Robin! How have you been?

Not much going on for me this weekend... Lots of work, and then some blogging fun and design projects! :) It's not that warm here yet (55ish, maybe?) I'm really looking forward to really warm, beach days ahead, though!

Hope all is going well with you! Have a great weekend!