Saturday, April 26, 2014

april 26th.

today's not only april 26th, it's my dad's birthday. he passed away almost 2 years ago now. but even before christmas, his birthday was his favorite day...
he was born and raised in tennessee. and he died there too. one of the things i loved about going to tennessee was waking up early and seeing what the mountains looked like before the day sort of changed all that. i live near the ocean, and similarly you can get up early and look out at the edge, same thing, before the day changes things.

but for me, there is something so special about the mountains. and maybe it's because i don't have the privilege of living near them. they're mysterious, inviting and take you away to another world once you drive up into them, with wine, and sandwiches and the air changes. so that is what i'm remembering today, what i'm feeling. i took this image on one of my last trips, one of my last mornings in my dad's back yard. looking at the mountains, and missing him. enjoy...

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