Tuesday, November 5, 2013

the blom light.

first, these table lights are fun. designed by andreas engesvik for fontana arte...
second fontana arte is chock full by the way of an amazing array of lighting options, should you be looking for unique or one of a kind lighting. chock!

but back to this "blom" light. the name is a contraction of the norwegian word blomst...meaning flower. so the petal shaped blades surrounding this table light makes this lamp appealing, in a natural sense, but add in the fact that it's easy to move around, that you could put one of these just about anywhere, in any environment means that for you, or for me, they're fun.

i love the soft, milk white centers surrrounded by those painted aluminum petals. simple, creative and utilitarian all rolled into one cool table lamp. enjoy!

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dmLights said...

These Fontana Arte Blom lamps are cute indeed. I think you would also love the Foscarini Doll table lamps. They are very much alike.