Tuesday, July 23, 2013

the visual art of michele reginaldi.

these brass sculptures by italian architect and artist michele reginaldi have captured my attention this morning....
it's almost as if you want them to be something, something more utilitarian, like a table or wall treatment of something useful, yet they are beyond that, they offer to spaces, commercial and residential what utilitarian pieces miss.

 reginaldi sculpts/constructs his pieces out of brass (although he works often with plastic as well). for me, brass has never been one of those materials i've been drawn to. another words, i felt, having grown up in the 1970's that i was inundated with brass to the point of, well, i was just plain sick of it.

but michele reginaldi has revived my sense of brass adoration. it was there at one time, it waned, and now, i would take a larger than life piece of reginaldi's, place it smack dab in my space/place for everyone to see. no problem...enjoy!

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