Wednesday, July 24, 2013

lee woodman & charcoal.

i really like his work, lee woodman, the heavy to light to heavy again lines, the marks, the expression, the way in which the figure is captured in a very powerful way.
early in my college experience, i majored in fine arts, painting to be more specific. it takes some time (unless you are just plain gifted) to learn & capture the human body. it was the longest subject matter for me to conquer, though i never did fully.

but there was a time when i nailed it. i captured the human body, life sized, in charcoal, in paint, you name it. once that light bulb goes off, once you see real progress and that human form taking a real shape, the actual shape and likeness of your model, there is nothing more satisfying when creating art. at least in my opinion. enjoy...

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